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Huangshan Tour--Jade Screen Scenic Area

This scenic area has Jade Screen Pavilion as its
center and the Lotus Peak and the Heavenly
Capital Peak as the main body. This is the Front
Mountain as people usually call it. Along the
road you will find Peng Lai Three Islands, 100-
step Scaling Ladder, the Thread of the Sky and
the New Thread of the Sky. "Splendid is the
landscape", handwritings by Chairman Mao Ze Dong,
are inscribed on the Jade Screen Peak.

huangshan tour
The Heavenly Capital Peak is the steepest of the three main peaks with
an elevation of 1,830 meters (6,003feet). An ancient poet has it that
even travelers that have visited wu yue will be amazed by this peak. The
beautiful view, however, comes at a cost. You have to go along an
arduous road and cross the Carp's Backbone before you reach the peak.
The most exciting news may be that after 6 years' closedown, the Heaven
Capital Peak was re-opened to the public on 16th April 2005.

The Lotus Peak is the highest peak of Mt. Huangshan. This 1,864-meter
(6,115-foot)-high peak looks like a blooming lotus, hence the name. On
the way to the peak, you will be greeted by Huangshan Pines and azalea. In clear weather, you may be lucky enough to see Mountain Tianmu in the
east, Mountain Lushan in the West, Mountain Jiuhua and the Yangtze River
in the north. Or after rain, you will see the sea of clouds surging
around you.


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